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Plan International is an NGO that has almost 80 years old and has a presence in more than 80 countries around the world. In Brazil, its actuation has always been divided between several social causes, but lately, the focus has been on female empowerment and gender issues. In this context, we received a mission:


expand the project called "Meninas Líderes" through the digital and ensure a safe and accessible environment for girls aged 14 to 24.


Plan International has always been super active offline: it promotes events and training to empower girls, make them mentors to other girls and, thus, disseminate knowledge through network logic. It creates a lot of didactic material and provides support to all who seek them. They also teache girls that they could have an active voice, decision-making power over their bodies and lives. But they range could be much bigger with the presence on digital platforms.

It is important to remember that we are talking about girls from all over Brazil and that they are often located in socially vulnerable environments. Therefore, we needed to think about how to create an accessible tool that would make browsing and content consumption possible even with very limited internet access. This mindset also guided the design of the page and the issues of navigability. In addition, the client wanted this space to be a traditional digital website and, later, an app.

And that is how our insight came from: Progressive web application (PWA) would be perfect.


Progressive Web Apps - or PWA - is a hybrid between regular web pages, with a website structure, and an application made for mobile. The application combines features of browsers and mobile apps. Some well-known content pages - like Pinterest and Twitter - already use this technology.

 PWA has a very important role in this specific case: most of our target has connectivity issues, and this technology allows us to store the information. That is, if girls access the internet at school or at the mall and open the portal, the content viewed will remain available when they are offline. If they send a message when they are not connected, they receive a notification that the message will be sent as soon as they access a network.

Network, reception and security

The "Meninas Líderes" project is a network that cares all about support, teaching and hosting girls. It was made to be a safe environment, in which these girls can exchange experiences, consume content or ask for help. Besides the concern with the tone of voice - which needs to be as friendly as possible to inspire confidence - we had to think very carefully about information security. The project has open sections, in which anyone can access the available educational content. But we created a logged part, that includes the comments, which only girls aged 14 to 24 can access. This makes them feel safe to discuss different subjects.

To ensure that access is for these girls, we only gave access code to girls who already had some contact with the NGO. Those codes are trackable to easily identify who gave it to the user. To complete the registration, the girl needs to send an image of her ID card that would be verified for a specialist before council the access.

Portal sessions

Girl Talk

NGO proprietary content focused on education



Debating together

FAQ for a discussion of related topics.



Events Calendar

Events that address issues related to gender issues and women's empowerment across Brazil.



Girls occupy

Space to spend a day in leadership positions. Existing stories range from management charges in companies or even to the UN!




Content curation, with indications of films, texts, music, etc.



Job vacancy

Vacancies that allow the possibility of growth for these girls.




Girls can report situations and ask for help