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Collaborative creation

Tramontina is a Brazilian company with more than 100 years of history and tradition working in the retails market. Today, it contains in its portfolio more than 18 Sku's with different proposals and specifications, but always with the pleasure of making it beautiful.

Like Tramontina, we believe that we can make people's lives better and better, but in our case, solving any problem with technology.

If we had to use just one word to define this project, it would be collaboration.

Tramontina called our team to transform Tramontina Hoje magazine, now limited to the internal public and business partners, into a digital magazine. After 20 years of tradition with annual editions, they chose to develop this project with quartes releases - and also, due to environmental issues and technological innovations.

We needed to convert a traditional magazine to digital format, through fluid, innovative and attractive navigation for the user. We came together and did it all in a totally Huia way.

As a magazine, we design it in Ipad First, which provides a fluid and attractive experience for the user.

We created a Homepage where it contains all the articles organized by categories, at the top of the page we found ​​featured's articles. We believe this way the user can view, in a simple way, all publications. When browsing into the details of the article, suggestions for reading related to the subject of interest are made. We also thought in secondary menu navigation, with additional options, such as searching, editorial and accessing previous editions available in PDF, for download.

In addition, the project has a content management tool, so the editors can update and edit content according to their needs. 
The magazine also counts with an English and Spanish versions.

What was evident in this project was the agile work involving 3 companies from our Ecosystem. Each on contributed to their specialty at the right time of the process. Therefore, we were able to reach the reader's user experience expectations, which has always been our main goal.


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